Things to remember while choosing luxury towels

  • A shower always refreshes and makes you feel alive. Make sure it makes you feel the best. Do you know how you can improve your experience? The feeling of wrapping yourself in a soft and plush towel after a shower is magical. Imagine stepping out of the shower and feeling a feather-like touch against your skin. Feels wonderful, right? But do you know what to consider while buying a luxurious towel?

  • Fabric: The fabric used for creating a towel is one of the important things to remember while buying a luxurious towel. Towels come in a range of fabrics, weaves, and more that constitute great quality towels. One of the best fabrics to be preferred while choosing a towel is Egyptian cotton. Egyptian cotton is grown in Egypt in different climates which leads to super fine and long yarn.

  • Weight: The plushness is generally measured by the GSM of a towel. The GSM also helps you to understand the absorbency of the towel. The higher the GSM, the better the absorbency. The towels with higher GSM offer supremely denser, heavy in weight and extremely soft and plush.

  • Know your preference: Honestly, buying self-care products like towels totally depends on your taste and preference. You might like a fluffy towel while others might want to buy a small towel to make it carry friendly. So always know what you are looking for. After all, you do not want to end up buying a towel you do not need.